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  • Hi,

    sorry, my english is so bad.

    I have two problems:

    1. My computers are deployed with an old acronis version. OS ist WIN7 but the first partition begin at sector 63 not 2048.
      If i deployed an image from this source with fog and imagetype 1 (WIN7 single resized), fog set the first sector on #2048.
      If fog used the file *.original.partitions to restore an image, i can used this image-type.

    2. Webinterface
      two Checkbox on top of List.
      The first mark all, the second invert the marked rows.

    1. Offline restore-USB-Stick.
      Little linux and fog-image with automatic image-restore.


  • The USB restore would be cool there have been lots of times in our business where we have a couple of fog servers that having the ability to restore images via a USB would have been cool and saved time

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    What version of fog are you currently running? Svn has the sector 63 issue fixed.

    The two checkboxes at top of page? The ones dealing with adding other hosts to group or groups to host or images to host etc…, the check here to see boxes aren’t meant for selecting items but to show you the items that can be added. In the header of those elements is a checkbox that performs select all/deselect all.

    Usb stick- this isn’t something I’m going to add but there are others on the forums who have already done this.

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