Is Green FOG working for anyone in FOG 1.2.0?

  • Is Green FOG working for anyone in FOG 1.2.0?

    I googled the heck out of it and I have tried multiple changes such as reducing checkin time, disabling firewall etc and I can’t seem to get it to work with Windows 7 Pro Workstations. Any help/advice appreciated. My OS is Debian Wheezy. Thanks!

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    Just to pipe in, Junkhacker is spot on. The old client breaks in quite a few places when you wander past Windows XP. The new client [B]does[/B] support Green FOG on xp+, in fact its already been developed and will be available in the initial beta release of the new client.

  • Thanks for the official response Junkhacker it saves me from spending the day looking into it on my end :).

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    green fog is currently not working for anything newer then xp. the new client is expected to support these features

  • That’s the same result I got gimili. I did notice that there is still talk about Green FOG in the new client development thread here: [url][/url]. Hopefully that means it’s either coming back or getting fixed if it’s broken for more than just us. I’m pretty sure I saw one of the devs say they were overhauling Green FOG to be able to do per group/PC tasks but I can’t seem to find where I saw it now. I’ll let you know if I find anything that fixes it.

  • Looks like Green FOG may be dead soon but there is an alternate suggestion: [url][/url]

  • Thanks Darrin. I did the timezone fix in php.ini. I checked the login reports so I know it is tracking the right times but workstations still won’t shut down. I also restarted the FOG services.

  • One thing to check is to make sure that you’ve set your timezone in php.ini. Be sure to reload/restart your apache service after making the change or it won’t take effect. I had forgotten to do make that change on my new install and it wasn’t sending the shutdown/reboot requests at the expected time as a result. I’m running some tests tonight to make sure that corrected the issue for me and will let you know if I’m successful or back to the drawing board.