• Hello
    Can I wish for a task button where by a computer can be forced to rename itself & join the domain again?

    Much like the ‘Configuration Task’ (?) back in Ghost Solution Suite.

    This would be handy for any machines that decide not to rename/join domain for whatever reason. Be easier to kick this off rather than an entire reimage.

  • No SSD drives, they are standard Optiplex 3010’s. Will give the delayed started trick a go.

  • Developer

    do these computers have SSD’s? you may need to set the fog service to delayed start. some systems start the service and it tries to do it’s thing before the rest of the system is able to handle it. or, alternatively, update to the latest SVN where we have a workaround for this implemented on the serverside

  • Imaged a lab of 25, and I had 5 machines fail to rename. Kicking them off again they then decide to work fine. Seems to be happening randomly - i am having to double check that everything has actually finished / domain joined correctly still.

    Logging in to the failed machines locally, they still have the sysprep generated PC name.

    Changing the FOG rename early setting hasn’t made any difference.

  • Senior Developer

    With the current setup the computer always tries to rename & join itself every boot-up. The only case where renaming doesn’t happen is if the service detects the name is already correct. What situation are you encountering which provides the issue?