SOLVED FOG 2873: AD encrypted password issue

  • I’m trying to get a machine to join to the domain. I have everything set properly. I encrypt the AD password with FOGCrypt and copy the password into the proper fields in fog. (In both the FOG settings and in the host settings for AD). However the fog log gives me an error on the machine that there are non-parsable characters in the string. I go back and look at the password and it’s completely different from what I entered. I had this working prior to 2873.

  • Senior Developer

    Could you provide more details? What version of FOG are you running and could you upload the fog.log file?

  • I seem to have a problem with domain registration as well (we use samba), although without any errors and there’s nothing about it in the log and I can’t find FOG_NEW_CLIENT in settings.
    In addition activation is not working with manually entered product key either.

  • That got it to work. Thank you.

  • Can you make sure FOG_NEW_CLIENT in FOG Settings is unchecked?