• Hi - I’ve had a look through the forums and nothing smacks me in the face regarding this problem.

    Initial install - Ubuntu 14.04 (64 bit)and FOG 1.2 on a 192.168.31.x address
    Storage Node install - CentOS 6.6 (64 bit) FOG 1.2 on a 192.168.23.x address

    I originally built the FOG server here at our main office and it works more than fine. I added the network boot line into the range here. No problems.

    We have another site which I built another FOG server at but installed it as a Storage Node. I followed the instructions for adding the node in and all seemed to be OK…however…

    One of the engineers tried to image a PC here at the main site and it came up with the error that it couldn’t find the image on the 192.168.23.x server which is supposedly the additional storage node. It completely ignored the 1st and main FOG server here at the main site on 192.168.31.x.

    I’m guessing that somehow the replication hasn’t taken place which I’m not sure why but more importantly, why would any request for imaging be ignoring our main server here when it’s on the same IP range etc?

    Long term I am looking to remove our Ubuntu here as it’s a little buggy and replace it with a CentOS box once the other one is up and running.

    thanks - hope someone can help.

  • Thanks WB - I’ll snapshot them both, upgrade this week and report back.

  • Developer

    There was an issue with storage nodes in the release of 1.2.0. Would you mind upgrading to trunk and then look into the replication logs to verify that your nodes are replicating correctly. (NOTE: ALL instances of Fog should be on the same version. No if ands, or buts about it. This means nodes versions must match server version)