Is this a timing problem? Machines sometimes boot properly

  • I’m using Fog 1.2 on Ubuntu 13.10 with a proxy DHCP server. My Dell 790 machines will randomly error out (see pic) OR boot into a task. I tried to multicast to 6 machines last night: 3 of them errored out and 3 of them got to the grey download screen (2 had to be rebooted a couple of times because they errored out at first). I am using the undionly.kpxe.INTEL kernel right now.


  • Is it possible to roll my own using the kernel that is working for me now?

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    It would be evident.

    I don’t know why it’s not working, but it is why I added the prompt in the first place.

    You could create your own undionly.kpxe to thwart this issue by specifying the next-server variable natively and skipping the prompt for the server address entirely.

  • I tried the edit and restarting dnsmasq, but the tftp server prompt persists, even after several reboots. Should the change be immediately evident, or does it take some time?

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    [quote=“Glenn Wilson, post: 40626, member: 240”]Do any services need to be restarted after changing the ltsp.conf file?[/quote]

    Yes you need to restart dnsmasq

    [code]sudo service dnsmasq restart[/code]

  • Do any services need to be restarted after changing the ltsp.conf file?

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    I think the middle option can go away to allow dynamic updating of next-server flag:

    Maybe the dhcp-boot needs to be:


    rather than

    The reason the tftp is asked is simply because it doesn’t know what it should be, and would simply fail because it can’t (for whatever reason) find it

  • We are using dnsmasq. The /etc/ltsp.conf file shows: “dhcp-boot=undionly.0,xx.xx.xx.xx”.

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    It sounds to me like you may be using DNSMasq?

  • Tom,

    I just tried the undionly.kpxe from the trunk files and it appears to work, except that I had to manually enter the tftp server address before the multicast would start. I’ve seen that with one other kernel I tried this morning. Any idea about that?

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  • I downloaded the latest undionly.kpxe from [url][/url] and it SEEMS to be working on both the 790s and 7010s. Both types of machine will now boot to a task or the Fog menu reliably.

    BUT there is another issue: When there is an active task, such as an image being deployed to one machine, no other machine, 790 or 7010, will boot past the /default.ipxe… (see pic) part of the process. They will error out right there until the task is completed, and then they will boot to the Fog menu. Any ideas about that?


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    try using updated ipxe files from here [url][/url]
    your problem may already be resolved in trunk

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