• I have a feature request for future updates to FOG. That request is the ability to create a host group within a host group. Here’s an example of what I mean, I work for a school district and we have over 4000 pc’s and laptops. In order to find machines and manage them better we obviously separate them by school. But we would like to go further and specify if certain machines in a school are in a lab or not as well. Currently I’m not seeing a way to do this. If this could be done in the future then organizing our PC’s would be much simpler.

  • Developer

    to expand on what Tom said and clarify what kind of time frame we’re talking about, 1.3.0 is our next release point (weeks to months, expected), and 1.4.0 would be the next major release point (months to years away).

  • Senior Developer

    I’d say semi-major?

    Meaning, It’s probably not going to make an appearance for 1.3.0, but maybe for 1.4 or 1.5?

  • That is wonderful news to hear. I apologize if asking this is bad, I’m very new to FOG and your dev team, but is that something that would come in the next major revision (months to years away) or something more akin to a point release (weeks to months)?

  • Senior Developer

    Funny you should ask, my dev team had a similar idea, and when it finally comes to fruition, it’ll be far more powerful than I think you’re expecting (at least in theory)