HP 6515, 6715, 6735

  • I notice that the 6715 and 6735 models are on the list of Working Devices, but these machines keep timing out, while they are in line for imaging.

    Do I just need to image those at the front of the line and let other models wait?

    With the 6515, after I pxe boot the device and go to FOG for full registration, the keyboard will not work and allow me to type in registration details. Any ideas?

    Love FOG on all my Acer, Lenovo and HP 550 machines!

  • Developer

    HP Compaq 6715s and HP Compaq 6715b is on the list as working for .032 but not confirmed for 1.x.x. HP Compaq 6735b is however tested and working with 1.x.x.x. Also confirm that you have the most up-to-date BIOS on these devices.

  • Senior Developer

    What version of FOG are you having these problems with?

    What kernel are you using, have you tried a later one?

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