F.O.G on windows server

  • i’m new to FOG, i have one question ? is it possible to install FOG server on windows 2003 server?

  • @tom-elliott we do all the installing manually… Could you please elaborate the steps…

  • @tom-elliott please let me know how to install on Windows using xampp

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    as I had my own web pages/Forum pages I had a very similar installation of Mysql, php forums software on my domain based server. it was easy to do and configure with Xamp as Tom described. it takes a little time to configure but it was nice.

    The really simple method however would be to use a desktop/laptop or server based system , install ubuntu on a 75G partition, add a 2 TB hd for storage and have at it. the entire process of getting this up and running in an already functional domain should take you about 30 min. then set DHCP settings for PXE boot and your ready to roll out your images. linux does not take up too much resources (the simplicity of it all) so it will run well on just about anything you give it.!

    Good luck been using FOG for about 4 years love it every day.

  • That is how also run my fog servers… I started with a virtual machine on vmware esxi and have another physical running on Ubuntu (testing server). Neither one of them are member of our Windows Domain and they work just fine. They do handle everything on their own except for DNS, which I get from Windows domain controllers.

    You can run a virtual machine on a windows machine an install fog in it but it will mostl likely take you you some time to get setup correctly, especially the DHCP server part…

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    [quote=“princz, post: 40452, member: 27969”]can u direct me to some tutorials on how to install FOG in windows os[/quote]

    FOG on Windows Server 2003? Nopity nope nope nope. For the love of all that’s holy do not put any more services on that and begin migration to something that is still within its support lifetime.

    That being said, I think this is what you are looking for:

    Do not get me wrong, I think it would be quite cool and clever for someone to create a Windows install of FOG, especially leveraging WDS given Windows Server 2012’s built in support for UEFI. But I think trying to make a Windows Server 2003 work well for deploying via FOG would be more headache than it would be worth.

    If you are still reading, the GOOD news is that you do NOT need the Linux box of your design to be a member of the domain. It only needs to be on the same physical network as the machines you will deploy to and referenced by the DHCP as the PXE server. Both of those steps are typically quite easy, and the community is more than willing to help people wiggle around weird restrictions to those steps.

    I too was reluctant to deploy a Linux server to my domain when I first looked at FOG. However after I looked into the newer releases of Debian, I was happy to find that I could meet all of our security requirements quite easily. I could even join it to the domain later if I wanted to, even though it was Linux and not Windows. Now we actually have a few Linux servers spinning away here, even though we still use Windows Server for all of our major and backbone services.

    I apologize if this is a bit too long winded of an answer. If you need more help getting pointed in the right direction getting WDS or a Linux FOG server set up feel free to PM me. I won’t be much help on installing FOG on Windows Server yet, as that is a project I have held off until next month at the earliest.

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    This link can give a start of the information needed.


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    No, because they don’t really exist in a direct fashion.

    Follow the instructions I gave you with installing the necessary components. This isn’t something that’s done normally.

  • can u direct me to some tutorials on how to install FOG in windows os

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    Using the information I just gave you, it is possible.

  • Okay i will elaborate.

    I’m working in a hotel resort, as Communications and network administrator.
    Recently i’have been assigned a project that includes formatting 70 desktop pc and upgrade from windows xp to 7.
    so, i was planing to install FOG server so that i can deploy the cloned image from server to clients, saving me time.
    But as i researched, they say FOG is only compatible to linx or Ubuntu and i can not make Ubuntu OS as a part of my domain in order to communicate to my client machines, So my question was is it possible to install FOG server to windows OS so that later on i can added windows PC to my domain so that it can communication to my client pc in order to deploy the cloned image of windwos7

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    This is a very vague question. Can you be a little more specific on what you’re requesting?

    If I’m reading it correctly you want to know how to install fog in its entirety through a windows system?

    You’ll need to install a FTP server, NFS server, TFTP server ,and possibly XAMP for web server ,MySQL, and php. This, mind you, will be a completely manual configuration as we don’t have a windows installer available.