Problem changing the upload directory

  • I installed ver 1.2.0.
    I’m trying to change the upload directory from /images to something else due to disk space issues.
    I tried changing Config.class.php and the storage configuration in the GUI.
    They didn’t seem to have any effect.
    When the client does the upload process, it write to the original /images/dev/nnnnn location.
    Any ideas?

  • Developer

    the /images location that is hardcoded in fog.upload is just the name of where it has mounted the storage location to in fog.checkin

  • The new location exports ok.
    The problem appears to be that the upload location is hard coded.
    I sent a debug task to the pc and then looked at fog.upload.
    It looked like it had /images hardcoded.
    Did I read that right?
    Is that used during a real upload?
    Thanks for the response!!

  • Senior Developer

    Check your /etc/exports file and when you make changes and save the /etc/exports, restart the nfs server per your system requirements.

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