FOG is slow to clone or restore to SSDs

  • I am having an issue with FOG where SSDs are slow when cloning to or from our FOG server. The image in question is a Multiple Partition Image (Not Resizeable). Using the same configuration but cloning instead using an HDD yields much better performance.

    As an example, it is currently taking longer than an hour to clone the factory image of one of our newer Dells that come with SSDs pre-installed. However, if I use other software to clone the SSD to an HDD, install the HDD into the laptop, and then take an image, it finishes in about 30 minutes.

    Restoring an image from FOG to an SSD also takes 30-45 minutes, whereas restoring from FOG to an HDD takes 8-15 minutes depending on the size of the image. FOG blows me away with how fast it is with HDDs, but if we are unable to resolve this issue with SSDs then we will not be able to use it for our enterprise moving forward.

  • Looks like the problem was PEBKAC (seriously I feel like an idiot haha). I had so many Ethernet cables across my desk and didn’t realize one of them was hooked through a 10/100 interface. When I took the original image I was connected to the 10/100 but when I swapped with the HDD I plugged it back into a GigE port. My bad on that.

    For what it’s worth it’s blazing fast across the board again 😄

  • Moderator

    Certainly strange, my SSDs at a minimum keep up with HDDs. I’m mainly limited by gigabit.

    what PCs, what SSDs?

  • Developer

    i have done most of my testing of fog with SSDs as well as many of my end client computers having SSDs. they’re as fast or faster then HDDs consistently (6.5GB/min or faster, typically). I don’t know why you’re having the performance issue you’re having, but it’s not a widespread problem with fog.