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    []Can you add small things to the basic tasks?..Shutdown & Restart
    ]In host management can we add a last communication time(day) with Host, last deployed, make/model, serial(if available). I know to the minute maybe hard but at least a date would be helpful. Most of this data is collected already in the database. Also it already can be displayed on the Listing of hosts(when editing a particular file). I would love to see it for that particular Host.
    []Change Fog Congfiguration–>FOG Settings–>“Expand” to “Expand ALL”
    ]Shouldn’t fog config–>fog system settings–>Fog Boot settings–>[B]Fog_pigz_comp[/B] be in Image Management–>[image name]–>(under Partition). Default it to 9 and then people can change the compression from there per image. If its an overall thing then it shouldn’t be in boot settings. Maybe an upload section.

  • I know changing it to 3 for me has cut my upload times in half.

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    And only on upload!

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    The “Scrary slider” will not change the size of your current images. Nor will it override the global settings. This is image specific. NEW uploaded images should be affected by this new feature.

    Other members were worried about compression for particular images in the past. This will simply give Fog users more control over their image sizes. Lower compression equals faster uploads but more network traffic.

  • Scary slider.

    As it stands, it looks like it allows you to change the compression factor post-upload.

    Changing it for an image definition does nothing. The image remains in its original uploaded state. Neither does it alter the global setting.

    I think it’s great to be able to temporarily override the global setting in Fog Settings for a new definition where no file exists yet, but unless there is a way to identify the compression setting on the file itself automatically, then present that as information that cannot be altered, I think it is pointless to include this in the image definition where it can be edited but not actually perform a re-compression.

    I think a more appropriate use would be upon creating the definition for a real upload. But then, if I rsync files it’s left up to me to enter the correct setting for viewing later.

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    SVN 2696 add’s the PIGZ compression rating to the image.

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    Yep I have made Tom officially angry! 😛

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    [quote=“Tom Elliott, post: 39325, member: 7271”]1. ) Will take some time, as we’re still recoding the new client.

    1. ) See 1

    2. ) Done

    3. ) GRRRRRR[/quote]

    I can’t help but laugh 🙂

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    1. ) Will take some time, as we’re still recoding the new client.

    2. ) See 1

    3. ) Done

    4. ) GRRRRRR