• Developers-

    Would it be possible (this is obviously a long shot) to have a place in the PXE menu when registering a host, to define the OU info as one of the questions? Or have it be an option with something that I could prepopulate with all of the current OU’s in existence? I know that is a lot to ask, but you can set each host, and you can set a default, but to be able (in our case) to join to an OU while joining to the domain would remove the user intervention piece out of things for new computers.

    Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

  • Or here was another thought…

    Maybe we can set the “Join to group” option so that when a particular new machine gets joined to a group, it automatically pulls down the group settings for that group. (IE AD OU stuff)?

  • Developer

    Surprisingly enough Tom is working on a way to make all the questions asked during any task to be edited in the web gui. Kind of like the iPXE menu. I personally don’t want all the questions and it confuses my interns easily when there is a new question. I wanted to remove some of the questions. The issue is something needs to be put in the database and how to implement it? The same goes for adding questions a new column will needed to be added on the fly and what will be the default values?

    All in all you will see this in the future. Time willing…