FOG pxe next to ZENworks PXE

  • Hi,

    Currenty we deploy our images with Novell ZENworks. (Windows / SLES)

    We would like to deploy Ubuntu images which is not possible with ZENworks.

    Is it possible to run both PXE server in the same subnet ?? Will it still find the ZENworks PXE?

    Is there an option then to chose for which server in PXE loading?

    Both must be usable…



  • Developer

    in the developer’s pre-release version of fog, the ability to customize the ipxe boot menu has been extremely extended. using this menu modifying system, it may be possible to set fog as your default pxe boot system, and to default directly to your ZENworks pxe boot server if there is no pending fog task.
    however, keep in mind that these features are still experimental and you may be the first person to work with this type of setup

  • Moderator

    you need to specify the boot server and file name in your DHCP. it only allows one in my DHCP options.

    but you might be able to get something that gives a specific machine a different server and filename with a DHCP reservation.

    either that or you could try and hack one to transfer over to the other and then boot to the HDD, but that would likely require a lot of programming and if you had those abilities you would probably have done that already.