SOLVED Configuration issue in 1.2.0, IP change of FOG

  • Hi there,

    Congratulations Tom on releasing Fog 1.2.0, now is the time for me to test it, and to upgrade our french training for it as well. As I was testing, I came across something annoying: changing the IP of FOG (having all on one serv).
    a) In the configuration settings, there is no “expand all” possibility, so unless you browse the source, it’s quite painful to actually look for a given value, and to use any search/replace functionnality. Expand all would fix that, but there are other ways…

    That’s a lot of changes, I’ve referenced so far:
    Storage Node IP

    But that’s OK, that’s how it’s intended to be. However, when booting on iPXE, my hosts couldn’t go through… which leads to :
    b) default.ipxe is hard coded at install ?
    Because the IP is written in default.ipxe… So I said to myself (tuduum.), well, that might have been done in the “Boot PXE Menu”, but updating it from there didn’t regenerate default.ipxe.
    Bug ? Feature ? Missed option? You tell me 😉

    Be prepared for more feedback. 😉
    Btw: I love the grub exit… It fixes most of the f*cked up Dell BIOSes that refuse to boot on disk once PXE boots… I love the resizable partitions, and I love partclone being used (I know, I’m late for the party, but well ;))



  • I referenced the IP in a few places, this “script” (bash, sort of) makes it possible, in a single fog, single master install to change the IP where it needs to be done…


    mysql -e “UPDATE globalSettings SET settingValue = ‘$IP’ WHERE settingKey IN (‘FOG_TFTP_HOST’, ‘FOG_WEB_HOST’, ‘FOG_WOL_HOST’);” fog
    mysql -e “UPDATE nfsGroupMembers SET ngmHostname = ‘$IP’ WHERE ngmID = 1;” fog

    sed -i “s;chain http://([^/]+)/;chain http://$IP/;” /tftpboot/default.ipxe


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    Expand/Collapse has now been put in.

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    sorry, but the address must be hard coded into default.ipxe
    that file is served out by tftp and tells ipxe where to get the information that is dynamically generated, but it can not be dynamically generated itself