External hard drive help

  • Fog server 1.2.0
    Ubuntu ver : 13.10

    Well, here is my dilemma, I am new to the fog server and Linux side of things , so I need to know how to setup an external hard drive and make it so that images will go to that external drive instead of the original area? So what do I need to do in the fog configuration so that I don’t have too much of a disruption?

  • I am new to this community. I am interested to discuss about the computer hardware peripherals.

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    I am sorry to say this but this forum is about FOG and things related to FOG. Don’t think a crashed hard drive should be discussed here.
    That said I still try to give you a few hints that may be of help. [B]Be as carefully with this drive as possible![/B] Try connecting it to other computers (especially with different operating systems) to see if it comes up again. If not you might be able to disassemble it from its external case and try a different USB connector device or connect it straight to the normal ATA/SATA interface of a PC.
    Depending on the outcome of all this you might end up having to recover data. ‘testdisk’ is definitely a great tool to look at… And lots of others. But this is a whole new (and way too complex) story. All the best with this!

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  • Whats about under storage management, can i make changes there? where it says image path.

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    I use fstab as Tom has described above to use my external hard drive to write my images to.

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    Edit your /etc/fstab

    You need to tell it to mount the usb drive to /images.

    So, assuming /images already exists. And the location of the drive when USB is plugged in is always /dev/sdb and assuming the usb stick only has 1 partition on it. Also assuming the sdb1 partition is formated in ext3

    A value entry in the /etc/fstab would look something like:
    /dev/sdb1 /images ext3 defaults 0 0

    Hopefully that helps.

  • Does anyone have a quick solution on how to just setup a external usb connection for a newbie?

  • This is on a standalone network.

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    mount the hard drive in that folder.

    I wouldn’t use a USB drive for that purpose in my networks. Either local raid or iSCSI to NAS