• Hello,

    As it is my first post here, let me thank you for all you great work.

    I’ve search a little bit but can not found any subject about using git instead of svn, and why not switching from sourceforge to github ? You can create a Fog organisation and create multiple repository (one for each things)

    The idea is to improve the contribution of the community and improve bug/features management by using respectively pull request and issues.

  • Thanks for this detailed reply, I always think that 2 VCS and 1 repo is too big, curb the developpment of Fog and is not easy to manage. I understand your position and it’s up to you to choose how you want to work so there is no good or bad solutions, I’ve created this topic in order to start a discussion about the project management and how to improve it.

    Tom, for the learning of git I’ve some ressources that you can link if you choose to move to git one a day. It’s not hard as you can think you just need to forget about how svn run but after you’ve switched to git getting back to svn could be hard 🙂


  • I’ve been trying very hard to get things to a more “professional” state of mind.

    It wasn’t until September of last year that I got started doing development work on FOG starting with SVN 899.

    In April, I made an attempt to make a git repo on github, and am currently contemplating making a more dedicated repository of sorts for the git system. I’m still learning git as a versioning control system so I’m very new to this all.

    That all said, svn is technically our “official” repo. The Git repo for now is just a place for the developers to make their contributions to the code. It can then be reviewed and brought into the SVN system.

    I haven’t fully learned the inner workings of git where I can add sign-off messages and the like which is part of a reason we’re operating in the fashion we are.

    If you want to contribute, as stated above, make a fork of the current repo at github.com/mastacontrola/fogproject.git. If you make a merge or pull request, I can then analyze and bring it into the main line. Most of the time, syncing between different forks has been a bane for me to use as I am still very new to git.

    I’m not really all that “old” to svn, but it’s where I started from so from a purely familiarity standpoint, it’s where I’m most comfortable. Don’t get me wrong, I really like git and how it can better integrate users to submit patches as SVN almost always requires some kind of admin access to submit anything to.

  • Developer

    none of us are developers by trade, and i suppose it shows. we have a system that works for us, though it may not be typical. code is developed on git and synced to svn. there’s a couple reasons we do this. if you want to contribute, the github repo is where to start. if we like your ideas/code and you make significant contributions then you may be asked to join the team.

  • But still there are a copy of the repo in github it’s way some of the main dev work I assume. It could be interesting to have the main dev opinion.

    I know that it’s not a program feature or a thing that can be considered as improvement in short-term, but I think that changing the actual workflow could improve the quality of the software. But anyway it’s my own opinion and like you said VincentJ different people can have different ways of working. I just think that contributing to Fog seems not easy at the moment and it’s a shame because it could improve it.

  • Moderator

    people work in different ways. we also have BTsync for distributing changes. each to his own.

    Since tom and the other main developers are working with their current solution, probably best they keep going until they see a need to change.

    also, fog prep is now no longer required iirc 🙂

  • Good to see it exist ! But I think it is underused, imho it could be better to have a better organisation and separation of the different bloc of the project instead of rassembling all of them in one repository. For example we could have an Fog Organisation with the following repositories :

    • web-ui
    • FOGCrypt
    • FOGPrep
    • FOGBackup

    All bugs and feature request could be asked from the github issue system. This would bring better organisation and separation. The organisation could let multiple contributors and the pull request system will allow anyone to improve the actual code.

    To make this happen, I think it’s necessary to forget about svn and sourceforge and use a unique channel for bug and request issues.

    What do you think about this ?

  • Here is an git repository from Tom