Join domain not working in 1.2.0

  • Just upgraded from version .32 to 1.2.0. If I take a machine and go through the host registration and image, things go fine. The machine images, renames itself, and joins the domain. We are using an Ubuntu 11 server and all of our clients are Windows 7 Dell Optiplex 755s.

    If I take a machine that is currently on the domain and reimage it, it will not rename or join the domain. It’s name stays the generic CNEPC.

    I went into the AD defaults and took out the domain\user from FOG_AD_DEFAULT_USER field. I put all machines in a group and changed the AD settings in that group to reflect the new changes. Still no luck.

    I’m having all kinds of issues with 1.2 that I didn’t have with .32. Any help would be appreciated!

    [SIZE=4][B][COLOR=#4c68a0][B]Active Directory Defaults[/B][/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]

    [RIGHT] [/RIGHT]
    FOG_AD_DEFAULT_OU: OU=New Computers, OU=CNE Computers, OU=mydomain,DC=org
    [RIGHT] [/RIGHT]
    [RIGHT] [/RIGHT]
    FOG_AD_DEFAULT_PASSWORD: (encrypted password)
    [RIGHT] [/RIGHT]

  • Just an observation for anyone scratching their head.

    I upgraded from 0.32 to 1.2.0 and noticed that I didn’t require the domain name in front of the Domain Username anymore.

    Used the following to diag, FOG_SERVER_ADDRESS/fog/service/hostname.php?mac=XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX

    Noticed that my domain name was in duplicate before my Domain Username.

    Logic says remove it and it was golden! Sha-wing!

  • In my case it was the Host Product Key for the activation.
    After deleting the Host Product Key from fog, the computer name was changed and the computer was added to the domain…

    Our problem is solved,we have a working system again…;-)

  • I agree, I also see Hostname changer module is disabled in the log. However, it is enabled both globally and at the host level. I’ve tried unchecking and rechecking both, to no avail. Once I delete and reregister the device, it then works correctly / reflects in the log correctly.

  • Is that new from version .32 to version 1.2? I saw that in the log but wasn’t sure if I should mess with it. I will set it now and test.

    That would make sense why a newly registered machine would reimage and rename and an old one wouldn’t. The new machine does have all of the services checked in the Fog Console.

  • Developer

    “HostnameChanger Module is disabled on this host.” is the hostnamechanger module enabled on the host management page? these settings need to be enabled both globally and per host

  • My log is attached. It wouldn’t let me copy/paste it here


  • same here…

  • bump as I am having this problem as well

  • I’m seeing the same issue. I just upgraded to 1.2 and my clients are not joining, with ‘Join Domain after image task’ being checked. It worked on .32. Fog.log shows the following:

    HostRegister Exiting because only 1 mac address was found
    HostNameChanger Module is disabled on this host
    HostnameChanger Host name was not found in the database

    Both HostRegister and HostnameChanger are checked (enabled) under Service Configuration.

  • It is only showing events from today. I will image another PC and pull the log right after it finishes.

  • Developer

    what shows up in the c:\fog.log file of the computer you re-imaged that is not joining the domain?