Windows 7 and FOG Display Management Service

  • I guess does anyone know if the Display Management Service is totally kaput, doesn’t work, do anything, in Windows 7? Seems that way for me.

  • Senior Developer

    Bug recorded and won’t be present in the new version.

    P.S. The new display manager works from xp to windows 8

  • yesss !!!
    +1 upvote for the team …

    [as a side note … perhaps someone can convince the developer to update the printer manager feature - where the the “add printer” mode the client doesnt bitch at you saying “bro, I can’t add this printer, it has already been added” … just error silence … ]

    … not really anything bad … just simply stops people from calling the IT department with “errors” … which are not really errors.

  • Developer

    doesn’t work in windows 7. a new client is actively being developed

  • Senior Developer

    The display manager has never worked for Windows 7 that I’m aware of.

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