What do to when TFTP server (for something else) is already running on network?

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    How you guys handle situations when Option 66 on your Windows DHCP scope is already being used by something else? For example, we have Option 66 configured for our IP phones to hand out the configuration files. If I change option 66 to the Fog Server’s IP, then the phones will no longer get handed the files they need.


  • I second Junkhackers statement. Typically, people place VoIP and Computer systems on separate networks. This serves two purposes.

    1. It ensures traffic for VoIP is separated and uninterrupted by everyday network traffic.

    2. It ensures somebody doesn’t accidentally get misleading information for troubleshooting within the network.

    Unless your VoIP phones are being handed the exact same IP range as the systems (Highly recommend against) Windows DHCP Scope options can be specified per scope, not per server. This means, if you have 3 networks being handled by the same DHCP server, you can have each network find and get their relevant information all separate from one another.

    For example,

    192.168.1.X is looking to get Option 66/67 from and undionly.kpxe

    172.16.X.X is looking to get Option 66/67 from and pxelinux.0

    10.X.X.X is looking to get Option 66/67 from and receives the VoIP phone tftp files.

    Again, that’s just a simple break down, but this can all be done from a singular DHCP server.

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    i was under the impression that most people with voip phones put them on their own vlan