Machines reboots immediately after doing a PXE

  • Hi Everyone
    I am using FOG 1.2.0
    i am using dual boot os machine HPZ400.
    i uploaded first image from HPZ400 and tried to deploy it on another HPZ400.
    BUT the problem is machine boots to pxe and after booting it restarts and when task from task management vanishes automatically

    GUYZ, i need help on urgent basis,or i will have to install fog 0.32 as we were using before.which i dont want.

  • Testers

    ok it had a small scrit that it had run, from there it finished at the [root@roxborough /]# so where to look now for the log file?

  • Developer

    from there, it will start running if you type “fog”

  • Testers

    ok so in the download debug, it displays on the system the following:

    OSname=Windows 7
    type=down (correct ip):/images/
    imgpartitiontype= ____ (blank)should this be?
    [root@roxborough //]#

    thats all i see .does this correct?

    Thanks for fast reply.

  • Developer

    if you want to see the errors that come up on the screen, create a debug upload, or debug download task

  • Testers

    OK i have the exact same issue.
    the screen flashs too fast to see any error and i cant utilize the pause button on the keyboard as it doesnt respond.
    In the task manager it just vanishies as if it completed the image. however it runs to fast to have done anything.
    I am familiar with FOG since .029 but recently upgraded from .32 to 1 to 1.10 to 1.2 then did an inplace ubuntu upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04LTS. I can access fog and all the settings, i can upgrade the kernel so i know TFTP is working, IPXE is working i get the PXE menu. everything says its functional but i cant image a single pc.

    Where do I look for the LOG files to show me what FOG has done or any error it may see that i cant on the screen.

  • I think we need more information I don’t know what it is a problem is you’re saying the systems that of been image to keep rebooting or they never even get to be imaged