Image path not the same in log as it is storage node.

  • I have changed the image path in a storage node to /ivimages but I am getting the following error in the multicast.log file:

    Multicast Group Quick Deploy failed to execute, image file:/images/IVWin7Room4 not found!

    I have double checked the image is using the correct storage node.

    What am I missing?

  • I have determined the image path this storage node is using is the path from another storage group Master node. I have 2 storage groups and each have a Master node. Why would this be looking at the other storage group? I have verify the storage group is correct on the image.

  • I have removed glusterfs from the new storage node and I am still getting “image not found” when trying to multicast. Unicast works fine to that server for both upload and download. I have also changed the IP address of the new storage node on the fog server so it should be setup as a normal storage node. What else can I check here?

  • Developer

    i’ve never worked with glusterfs, and i’m not entirely sure i understand what you’re doing here. but your storage_node_2 image_path should probably be /ivimages/images in order for the fog kernel scripts to find things the way it expects

  • Thanks. So is it possible to have 2 different mounts on a server that point to the /image directories remote servers?

    For example, the current situation is:

    If my fog server is and I have /images mounted on and /ivimages mounted on

    I then have storage_node_1 with IP of and image_path /images and storage_node_2 with IP of and image_path /ivimages

    Is there a different way to do this with mounts to remote servers via glusterfs?

  • Developer

    while you may change the storage location to /ivimages, it must contain a directory named /images
    the directory structure ending in /images and /images/dev are hard coded into the scripts

  • Also, If I try image a machine via Unicast I get “mounting 10.x.x.x:/ivimages/ on /images failed: Permission Denied”
    ivimages is already mounted and accessible via glusterfs.

  • Why is it looking in /images instead of /ivimages when it produces the error if my image path is set to /ivimages?

  • /ivimages is already created and it is mounted on a remote server to the /images folder on that server. I can change directories to it and the privileges look good.

    We already have /images mounted to another remote server so I was hoping to use another storage node for the second storage server.

  • Developer

    It is NOT recommended to change the storage path. BUT…

    Under Storage Management --> Select node <node you change the path on> and change the Image Path to /ivimages. Then you will need to make sure that directory exists. If not then do a mkdir and then change the permissions to a chmod 777

    Then you will need to have copy the hidden files in /images and /images/dev. These files are both named .mntcheck.

    [CODE]sudo mkdir /ivimages
    sudo mkdir /ivimages/dev
    sudo cp /images/.mntcheck /ivimages
    sudo cp /images/dev/.mntcheck /ivimages/dev
    sudo chown -R fog /ivimages
    sudo chmod -R 755 /ivimages
    sudo chmod -R 777 /ivimages/dev

    This method forces the copy of the paths and files. But fog may do this automatically.


    ALSO looks like someone asked right before you did…