How to use clonezilla with a fog image from 1.2

  • Hi all love the fog server I image almost 70 dell 270s without a problem except one refuse to boot up properly to Full registration or imaging can get to the FOG menu than it just goes to pieces. What I want to try is to use clonezilla to push the image to this one machine that wont IPXe boot properly can anyone tell me what I need to do so that the FOG image is useable by clonezilla?

  • Well I have manage to uncompressed the image using 7-zip only problem is clonezilla doesn’t seem to recognize rec.img and sys.img is there something else that needs to be done?

  • Developer

    if it’s a dell optiplex 270, i recommend checking to see if the capacitors are blown, leaking, bulging etc. especially the one next to the memory banks

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