• Wow!
    First, let me say thank you to all the developers who made FOG possible.

    I work for a medium-sized private, non-profit school with a fairly thin tech budget. We are currently laboring with a 5 or 6 year-old installation of Altiris DS 6.8 on Win2k3. Altiris is a fine system, but it is cranky…
    I’ve been experimenting with FOG heavily over the past month and grow more impressed each day. I think that I can safely propose FOG to my supervisor as a superior replacement to Altiris.

    I look forward to supporting the project any way I can. I will certainly use FOG and report my findings here and possibly on the Wiki.



  • Also wanted to say thanks to everyone involved in developing FOG. It’s a terrific tool and I’ve had great success using stand-alone servers for imaging. I’m hoping to take advantage of the more advanced features soon.

    Even though we’re a “Microsoft shop”, I don’t think I’ll have trouble convincing the powers that be to make the switch, considering I was able to deploy 30 new laptops by myself in less than 3.5 hours using FOG, 2 5port-100Mbit switches, and minimal cursing.

    Again, thanks all!

  • So far, I’m having lots of fun with the conversion. I’m getting 2.4GB a minute for a single machine deployment with the client on the same switch as the FOG server (or at least one hop away).

    The problem now I’m having is with WOL. I posted over in tech help section of the forum.
    I’ve also started experimenting with snap-ins with good success.
    Snap-ins will be the thing I need to sell hardest to my boss because we do use the altiris software push feature quite a bit…

    Anyway, there is plenty for me to play/experiment/learn with!


  • Developer

    Great to hear! Let us know how your conversion goes.