No active tasks message after image has been deployed.

  • After upgrading my fog server to the latest trunk (version 2111) I am receiving the following error on clients after an image download has finished.

    cat: co.txt no such file or directory
    rm : cannot remove co.txt no such file or directory

    The comptuer then displays the no active tasks found for host message repeatedly until the computer is restarted.

    Any clues?


  • Thanks for the quick response! I will update and test ASAP. Looking forward to finally crossing an issue off the list after the upgrade.


    :Worked like a charm. Thanks again!

  • Developer

    Yep issue confirmed in 2111. I will test latest revision in the morning.

    If you get this issue please power cycle the host/client. The copying of data is complete but there was an issue exiting the download task so, the next boot the client will have the new image. Just continue as normal.

  • Senior Developer

    2114 should fix this issue.

    It was a call to TaskType where tasktype wasn’t set or specified, sorry about that. 2113 was my first attempt to fix, but I had a missing dash, sorry. 2114 should fix this properly, sorry about that.

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