Client shows uploading but server says no image

  • Developer

    no tftp software needs to be loaded on the windows desktops
    the network card rom loads the network boot file by tftp before windows loads

  • I also found that the windows 7 desktops (some not all didn’t have the tftp feature installed) 😞

  • it was working fine with 0.32/ubuntu 12.04 and my older optiplex’s ie. 755, 780, 3010’s I upgraded due to the 3020 and E5540’s would just give me a black screen when trying to register or image. I haven’t touched me network yet.

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    if some can reach the tftp and others can’t, it’s almost certainly a network issue

  • Well moving and renaming it worked for one pc to image, I have multiple models of Dell optiplex 3010, 3020, and latitudes E5510, E5520, E5530. not all of them see the TFTP in order to get download the image or upload an image. Not sure if it would be a Kernel issue that I will have to get fixed before the imaging issue will work. Love it when issues compound on each other… 😉

  • /images in it’s entirety always should be 777, unless you give full ownership to the user fog.

    Otherwise, the normal owner is root:root. So 777 allows any user, should you need it, to work properly. 755 means it’s rwx for the Owner (7) and rw- for both group and “other” (5). As the fog command has to execute commands to the directory, the copy task can’t occur because execution is not allowed.

  • Developer

    You can copy that folder f8c12770f94 to your /images/ folder, you will then want to rename the folder to OP3020-base. Now if you chmod 0777 the images folder your image should be available and reporting the correct size.

    To complete this action issue the following commands under the root terminal in Debian:
    sudo mv /images/dev/f8c12770f94 /images/OP3020-base
    sudo chmod -R 0777 /images

    This will allow your image to be utilized.

    I’m curious if using chown will allow you to image correctly. Debian is a bit more secure than is Ubuntu counterpart, we may need to tweak the permissions. I am also curious if after running the commands I listed above if it does not solve your issue, please try a test image upload and let me know if it gets stuck in the dev folder again!