Schedule Shutdown after task completion

  • Even if the additional option “Schedule Shutdown after task completion” is selected (under “Schedule Delayed Deployment” or “Schedule Cron-style Deployment”) the Client does not shut down. In other words, after a successful upload or download of the image the Client does not shut down as instructed but instead reboots again and re-starts the operating system.
    What has to be done to make sure that the Client shuts down after the successful completion of the task?

  • Thanks for the information. I’ll check the settings in the BIOS and then test.

  • Hi,

    something bit strange but could be a solution, some computers have problems with a “Restore on power loss” setting in bios related with wol. Try to turn that off if enabled and check if the machines shutdown propperly low. 😉

    Regards X23

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    to further test the issue. Turn the machine off, let cron tab start, then when the machine recieves it’s shutdown command, pull the network cable. If the problem is OS/ BIOS related, then the machine will power on without a network connection, and it is not a problem of WOL.

    If the solution above results in the machine powering back on without network connection:
    Check BIOS settings, look for the Event wake up timer and see what it is set to. Then set it to OS if it currently isn’t.

    You may need to disable some of the “last state” options to OFF.

    I don’t know that this will solve the issue, but it has been beneficial for me on one particular model.

  • Ok, wenn ich mein Problem in deutsch formulieren darf ist es eigentlich in drei Sätzen erklärt.

    Wir nutzen den Fogserver um Datensicherungen von PCs über den cron gesteuerte Tasks durchzuführen (schedule cron-style deployment).

    d.h. wir uploaden die Festplattenimages wie folgt:

    1. “schedule cron-style deployment” auswählen und Zeit im crontab einstellen. Zusätzlich wird die Option “schedule shutdown after task completion” ausgewählt, da ja der PC nach beenden des Tasks wieder herunter gefahren werden soll.

    2. Der PC wird bei erreichen der voreingestellten Zeit über “wake on lan” angeschalten und uploaded das Festplattenimage auf den Fogserver.

    3. Nach Fertigstellung des Tasks fährt der PC zwar runter (am Display sieht man auch kurz einen shutdown/power off Befehl) - aber kurz danach geht der PC wieder an ohne (!) das ihn jemand anschaltet.

    Die Frage ist nun wo das herkommt. Ich vermute das der PC wieder über WOL vom Fogserver angeschalten wird, kann das aber nicht überprüfen.

    Was müssen wir einstellen das der PC aus bleibt und nicht wieder hochfährt?

    ok, if I may formulate my problem in German it is actually explained in three sets.

    We use the Fogserver to backups of PCs via the cron scheduled tasks to perform (schedule cron-style deployment).

    that is, we upload the disk image as follows:

    1 Select “schedule cron-style deployment” and set the time in the crontab. In addition, the option is “schedule shutdown after task completion” is selected, since the PC after the task exit again to be driven down.

    2 The PC is switched on when reaching the preset time on “wake on lan” and uploaded the hard disk image on the Fogserver.

    3 After completion of the task the PC shuts down while (on display you can also see a short shutdown / power off command) - but shortly after the PC goes back on without anyone turning on him.

    The question now is where that came from. I suspect that the PC is switched on again via WOL from Fogserver, but can not verify that.

    What we need to set the remains of the PC and will not boot again?

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    as wolfbane said, if you choose to communicate in german, please also post english (a google translate will likely be good enough) as such
    ich spreche Deutsch

    i speak german

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    As many of us would like to have English posted you can post your Primary language and an attempt of a translation.

    If this is not working at this point you can also try using the Green Fog service. If the Fog Service is communicating to the server then you can force the machines to shutdown at specific times.

  • Yes I am, Richtig 😉

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    [quote=“Max Feldflieger, post: 33136, member: 24975”]Hi there,

    thank you for your efforts so far. We are clearly lost in translation here. 😉 Just to let you know, English is not my first language.

    aren’t both of you german?

  • Hi there,

    thank you for your efforts so far. We are clearly lost in translation here. 😉 Just to let you know, English is not my first language.
    Therefore, somebody else is translating my questions, but unfortunately she is not an expert when it comes to the technical detail.

    So please bear with us while we are going right back to basics now to make sure we understand each other properly:
    We want to make sure that all the data created during the day on the PCs of our customers is backed up over night without needing any manual input from our customers’ employees. So far I have used the term Client to describe any computer (Windows, Linux and Mac) located in the office of our customer. These are switched off by their employees at the end of the day. What is working very well is that the fog server switches on (‘wakes-up’) the Client-PC via PXE exactly at the time specified under “Schedule Cron-style Deployment”. We then upload an image of the Client-PC onto the fog server in order to back up the data – I think we had a misunderstanding here. By ‘image’ I mean all the data that can be found on the Client-PC at that moment which is then copied/replicated and uploaded onto the fog server. Once this process is completed the PC shuts down. However, for some reason it then reboots again (it appears the fog server causes it to reboot, to be precise) which means when the employees return to the office in the morning they find that all their PCs have been on throughout the night. This is what I want to prevent. How do I stop the Client-PC to reboot after the task has been completed?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  • Hi,

    lets sort things out do you expect the machines to shutdown after simple copying of the harddisk data, not after a windows first boot after deployment? Else i dont understand the question about fog service (do you talk about the client? confused), it has nothing to do with shutting down after a upload or download of an image.

    On which kind of hardware (clients) you are testing?

    Regards X23

  • We use SVN Trunk Version 2052. (Ubuntu 14.04 X64 server) Yes, we also use Fog Service.

  • Developer

    What version of fog are you using?
    Are you using Fog Service?