Best router to use with FOG Server.

  • I want to map existing ports that when any device is plugged into such port FOG server will simply send an image to that device. I shouldn’t matter about the MAC address or even the IP address - just the port number will equate to an image on the FOG server.

    To do the following what do your recommended and as router? Or what do you call the above option so I can go and look for routers that have such features.

  • Developer

    I would recommend a Cisco or HP. They are both standards compliant.
    I know that there are Classes / scripts out there to interface with these routers easily.

  • On it - can’t wait to test this out. New problem to solve and script to build super fun!

  • Developer

    Layer 3 managed switch

  • thanks blackout for the fast responses! Is there an industry term that would be used to describe this? I’m looking around but not sure what I should be looking for! Thanks!

  • Developer

    Something that is standards compliant.

    You will want the ability to check the devices port status and MAC address via telnet/ssh/webpage.

    You will then need to write a script that checks the status, gets the MAC address and then creates the required PXE files.