Fog[1.1.1] Can't add to the directory with organisational units.

  • I have been having issues with adding computers to the directory when using organisational units. When I leave OU blank it works correctly and adds the computer to the default “unknown” group, as it should. However whenever I try to add an organisational unit it fails with a variety of errors. I think I’m close though. The goal is for the computer to be added to the “General Lab Windows 7” group, I’m using “Worksations” as a testing ground

    Active directory settings:
    (OU contains: “OU=Workstations,DC=Blackburn,DC=College”)
    Active directory layout:

  • Glad you figured it out. I always just copy and paste my OU format from AD directly. It’s listed under the targeted folder’s properties.

  • I found the error in my format that was preventing organisational units. My format wasn’t including an OU in the middle. For anyone that finds this later here was the proper format for my set up:

    OU=General Lab Windows 7,OU=Lab,OU=Workstations,OU=Blackburn,DC=BLACKBURN,DC=COLLEGE

  • I’m going to bump this thread, if no one has any suggestions by tomorrow I can live without.

  • @Josh

    How are you typing the OU format? is it like mine?


  • Using Fog 1.1.2 I can add to the domain under organizational units just fine. Maybe they patched it in the update?

  • In the title. Fog 1.1.1

  • Developer

    fog version?

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