Manual Migration to FOG 1.1.2

  • Hi all,

    Been having a few issues with FOG client after i upgraded but i’m quite certain its something i’ve messed up and i can’t find my mistake so i figured its best to reinstall. so im trying a fresh clean install of both ubuntu 12.04 LTS and FOG 1.1.2

    What is the best (cleanest) way to copy over the registered Hosts list and image database information?

    Im not concerned with moving uploaded images i have FOG mount to a different hard drive for that but i would like to keep the list of image ID’s connected to the images.

    I can’t begin to express how amazing FOG is, thank you to all who have made this possible.

  • I understand that using PHPmyadmin is more of a ‘brute force’ solution … and although I advocate it -> but only in extreme circumstances where you botched up your migration in the first place.

    Migrating manually with PHPmyadmin and manipulating the database is a very slow and painful task … believe me, I know. Column orders, commas, quotation marks - all super important when you are combing your database for import.

    again - last-ditch solution.

  • Whoo i figured it out, i didn’t have the columns in the right order.

  • All right so i found the example format by downloading a blank .csv of the hosts.

    Now i get an error message for [SIZE=13px][FONT=Ubuntu][COLOR=#555555]Row #1: Invalid number of cells[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]

    I have column A as “[SIZE=2]Host ID” followed by a value of 1 counting up by one for all [/SIZE]registered[SIZE=2] computers[/SIZE]

  • When you say the hosts page are you talking about the GUI “manage hosts” pages on fog 1.0.0? because i don’t see it.

    Sorry i feel like i’m missing something superbasic on were this example is located.

    Thanks for the help.

  • Developer

    you have to edit the report and format it like the example import file that’s available on the hosts page

  • When importing hosts.csv file from FOG .32 to FOG 1.0.0 I get an error message:

    Row#1-Row#1404 Invalid number of cells.

    On FOG.32 i went to reports tab, hosts, and downloaded the report.

    any idea why it wont upload to FOG 1.0.0?


  • Developer

    i realize that you’re not migrating from 0.32, but the directions here still mostly apply [url][/url]

  • One of the things I used is phpmyadmin

    It lets you visually see what is running behind the scenes. I was able to simply copy the fog databse (via web) and delete/rename/alter/add things to fog via the web interface

    One of the things you can do with it - is export a table (structure or structure + data or data only) in a variety of formats - CSV, SQL, text, etc … so I was able to export ONLY my hosts as SQL format (data only) and re-import them into the new “fog” table.

    Careful though, this is nice BUT sometimes may not work if you have a really really old version of fog that you want to insert into a new version of the database. (for example - the new SVN updates in the upcoming releases do rename some columns, so exporting in ‘structure’ mode is not possible - must export the data only - and hope the column numbers match … i had to manually ‘fudge’ a few columns in csv to make it work). Generally, you should not have any issues like that because the updated versions of fog ‘should’ carry your data over to the next version.