• Hi FOG users,

    I would like to implement a network with a single FOG server and multiple NFS servers, instead of multiple FOG servers. We have different locations, and I would like to know if it is possible to upload and deploy images to the NFS server in the local building, to avoid much WAN traffic. (downloading undionly.kkpxe via WAN is not a problem I expect)

    From what I now understand, when you up- or download an image, it will be always to the master node. Is that correct? Are the other storage nodes only made for image backup?

    Is it a good idea to create for every location a storage group, and make the NFS server in the local building a master node, and the node in the central server a non-master? So in that way the images are deployed and uploaded to the local server, and they will be sync’ed with the central server.

    Does anybody know a better way to share images between storage groups (in the central server) instead of messing with symlinks?

    Thanks in advance.

  • The location plugin was built to do exactly this. Even down to downloading the init.xz and bzImage from the rekavant location.

    Goto FOG Configuration -> FOG Settings -> Plugin and enable plugins. Then go to the plugin page and choose activate plugin. From there choose the locationbplugin. It will install kind of. Choose install plugin and select location. It will ask to install itself. Then you will have a new menu option available. Go to the location page and set up you locations.

  • Hi Mawaai,

    Have you got any idea ? Even am looking for a solution for the same.

  • Moderator

    There is the location plugin. might be of use to you.

    iirc there is a guide to making a storage server out of a NAS…

    I use VMs so storage nodes are easy enough to setup for me.