Auto AD Join strange behaviour - Imported Hosts

  • [U]Specs : [/U]

    • Server : FOG 1.1.1 on Debian 7.5.0 - HP Proliant ML150 Gigabit card
    • Clients : Lenovo E72 3493-KAG - Windows 7 - Single Partition Resizable
    • Single user called “User” with password

    [U]The story : [/U]

    We’ve been replicating computers in a room, set the “Join AD after task completion” and after the task completion guess what ? Hostname successfuly changed but no AD auto join …

    We’ve been looking around, crawling logs and Database and we found that imported computers from a CSV or by directly writing them into FOG SQL database won’t join Active Directory after Task Completion.

    We had to manually remove them from PXE boot menu and re-add them with “Full Host Registration”, then they will boot up and join AD correctly.

    How can we skip that buggy thing ? Is there a SQL parameter to define ? Something special to do ???

    Cheers !

  • Developer

    how do the c:\fog.log files compare between the working ones and non-working ones? you will need to recover these logs within 2 minutes or so after startup, as that is when the hostnamechanger service makes it’s request and the logs are quickly overwritten

  • For example i get :

    [CODE]#!ok=TECH2-05 #AD=1 #ADDom=STJ #ADOU= #ADUser=STJ\Administrateur #ADPass=**********************************[/CODE]

    For another one :

    [CODE]#!ok=CDIP2 #AD=1 #ADDom=STJ #ADOU= #ADUser=STJ\Administrateur #ADPass=***************************[/CODE]

    It seems weird… fog.log didn’t prompt anything wrong, no join domain error codes. We’ll crawl into that today.

    Thanks for your answer!

  • Developer

    if you go to [url]http://<fog-server-address>/fog/service/hostname.php?mac=<mac-address-of-host-added-by-csv>[/url] in a browser, what do you get?