• Have Fog installed and working to a point. It will create the image, I see image uploaded, then I get an FTP login error. There are files in the /images/dev/xxxxx folder, but it never takes them to make the image file.

    I have looked and made sure all the FTP password are set the same. I have reinstalled Fog but have the same error.

    It is installed on Ubuntu 14.04. I know, but it is the only server I have.

  • All errors were related to FTP, realized my FTP client was connecting on port 22, not 21. VSFTPD would not connect on 21. I removed VSFTPD and installed ProFTP and it is working now! Images created!

  • Try adding this to your /etc/vsftpd.conf file:

  • Removed/reinstalled FOG from this post [url]http://fogproject.org/forum/threads/fog-1-0-1-rc-install-on-ubuntu-server-14-04.10654/[/url] but still FTP login error after the image is created.

    I can ftp in using the fog username/password from a remote machine.

  • Found that in the WIKI yesterday, did it, still FTP login error after the image is created.

  • Try running this on your fogserver:

    [CODE]sudo chown -R fog:root /images[/CODE]

  • info under storage management is correct.

    I did reinstall, deleted the FOG username so it would be recreated by FOG.

    I found I get an FTP error when trying to deploy an image also. Using Filezilla I am able to ftp into the server, so username/password are ok. if I putty into the server, and run ftp, I cannot connect to the ftp server that way though.

    Everything else is working AFAIK, host registration, etc.

  • Developer

    Check your ftp info under storage management and ensure it’s got the correct password.

    When you set up Ubuntu did you make the username of FOG? I know if you make a user named FOG it tends to mess up as the fog installer makes that user itself.

    If you used fog as your username when you set up ubuntu then you need to use the password you set for that user under storage management.