FOG 1.0.1 PXElinux.cfg Doesnt Exist

  • Hey Everyone,

    I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 12.04 running on Virtual Box. Everything on the install went smoothly however the TFTP:// doesn’t work on boot up from the NIC card. DHCP server is disabled on FOG and i have a Windows DHCP server on my Active Directory box. Both 66 and 67 are configured on the DHCP server. The problem however tho is if you look in the TFTPboot folder the pxelinux.0 file is named pxelinux.0.old . So the DHCP server on my Windows box is pointing to pxelinux.0 and the TFTP just times out . I removed the .old and i get cant read config file. So it seems i deft have a config file issue. Here is a screenshot of the tftpboot folder of its contents. Thanks for all your help in advance.

    [url="/_imported_xf_attachments/0/864_linux screen shot.jpg?:"]linux screen shot.jpg[/url]

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    So it comes down to preference…

    To SYSPREP or To FOG PREP…it doesn’t really matter if you do or not just get to FOGGING!!!

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    [quote=“Ray Zuchowski, post: 28865, member: 24449”]Alright ill just use sysprep and give it a shot. Thanks Wolf.[/quote]

    I use sysprep and have not had any issues with it. I build my images virtually so that when I need to make changes, or if I make a boo boo I can fix it easily. I remember that while learning to sysprep I broke a lot of things. I haven’t tried the new 1.x.x system, but windows included a tool to help with sysprep, I say why not use it!

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    Me too.

    I even think we fixed 1.x.x so you no longer need to sysprep for ntfs resizable imaging as well if you’re daring to give that a shot.

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    i have had a lot of success without using sysprep or fogprep.

  • Alright ill just use sysprep and give it a shot. Thanks Wolf.

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    fog prep is a little outdated compared to sysprep for windows 7. You can use either in my opinion but I would like to refer you to a developer to confirm this.

  • Yeah i saw that. Alright cool. Thanks Wolf. One more thing. Im doing my first image today… do i have to use fog prep or can i use reg sysprep for windows ?

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    12.04 is solid. There maybe a possible issue with tftpd-hpa needing to be restarted after a system reboot but find the forum thread about restarting tftpd-hpa. Just keep that in mind if/when you get a TFTP: TIMED OUT issue.

  • ipxe.kpxe doesnt work however undionly.kpxe works like a champ . Is there any advantage going to a higher version on Ubuntu or is 12.04 pretty solid with FOG ?

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    That is correct. pxelinux.0 is no longer used. Please read during the install and change your [B]option 66 & 67.[/B]

    [B]Option 66: <ip address of fog server>[/B]
    [B]Option 67: undionly.kpxe[/B]

    It is possible that option 67 could be ipxe.kpxe or something of this sort. BUT undionly.kpxe is NOW your default boot file.

  • Hey i just read on another part of the forum that it has to be undionly.kpxe on the dhcp server rather then pxelinux.0 seems to be working now. Thanks