Refresh install of 1.0.1, but migrate data from 0.32?

  • EDIT: The title should read ‘fresh’ install, not refresh. Sorry about the brain fart there!

    Hello all,

    Great work with the new release of Fog guys 🙂

    I would like to do a completely fresh install of Fog 1.0.1 (will take the opportunity to upgrade the server and install Ubuntu server 14.04 LTS).

    However, I would like to migrate some of my data from my exisitng 0.32 install. The main thing would be the hosts, although if I can do the snapins and images as well that would be great.

    Is there an automated way to do this? Or is it a case of:

    1. transfer the relevant files from old server to new (in the case of snapins and images)
    2. export relevant data from current database, and import into new?


  • Developer

    you didn’t see that page before because i wrote it in response to your question, lol
    (now to just wait for other people to correct me on it, it should be mostly right though)
    i run 12.04 lts and have had no issue, though i’m no expert and you may be better off with the recommendations of others

  • Thanks for that, I did search the wiki prior to posting but I didn’t see that page!

    Ok, noted about 14.04. What about 12.04? I would rather use an LTS release if possible.

  • Developer

    i can’t recommend Ubuntu 14.04
    of all the problems people have had with different distros and fog, that one has come up the most
    people have been able to get it to work, and many have no problems, others haven’t been so lucky. if you choose it, you have been warned.
    upgrading fog from 0.32 directly is supported, but not recommended.

    here is what i would recommend for a Manual Migration/Upgrade: