• My setup uses Ubuntu 14.04. Fog 1.0.1 fresh install.

    We can successfully upload an image until it gets to the part where it moves from the dev folder to the image folder. The error that displays is just a single * every 10 seconds or so. I’ve already did “sudo chmod -R 777 /images”. I also tested using Filezilla to move files around the image folder as the fog user. Which when downloaded to another machine they work file. It seems like a permission issue but I’m currently at a loss on how to fix this.

    I have been temporarily moving the files in the Dev folder to the proper folder.

  • This issue is resolved.

    The problem was that we were trying to overwrite the partimage definition with the new partclone definition. In the image folder I just renamed the old image definition to .old. Then FOG created a new folder and finished the upload.

  • Developer

    check that your passwords are all set and correct
    the password in the webgui must match the password set for the linux user “fog”
    check both the [FONT=arial][COLOR=#262626]FOG_TFTP_FTP_PASSWORD in Fog Configuration -> fog settings, and t[/COLOR][/FONT][FONT=arial][COLOR=#262626]he Storage Management -> NODE -> fog password.[/COLOR][/FONT]