How does changing server IP address affect clients?

  • We just started using FOG where I work, and initially we had a static IP address setup with no host name set up. When creating our images, when installing the FOG client, we had to manually type the IP address because we didn’t have a host name. We recently got the fogserver default host name setup, but we’re about to change the IP address of the server as well.

    How will changing the IP affect existing images that we’ve put out? We have all of the services turned on (host name changer, printer, etc.).

  • Developer

    the hosts that are looking for the old IP will not communicate with the server while it’s running unless you reconfigure the hosts to look for the new name or IP. assuming you set up your dhcp server correctly for the new IP of the server, network boot operations should be unaffected. you could probably make a snapin to deploy to all hosts before changing the server that updates the config files on the hosts for the new server.

  • Developer

    simply put…if you put in a static address on the client then that client will always look to that IP. If you change the ip of the server then you just messed up your images.