Schema Update Problem in 1.0.1

  • See the attached image…

    I’m getting this error when updating to 1.0.1 and running the Schema update. I have this FOG server running at one of my other branch locations, and hasn’t been updated since early April (17th) I believe. What you see is only a couple of the errors. You can see the scroll bar on the side of the page indicating there are quite a few more.

    What can be done to fix this?


  • I had this same issue on my last reinstall, and corrected it.

    First, as WolfBane said, you must make sure if you set a MySQL password, you update your config.php file.

    Other than that, the fix that worked for me for this issue was to stop and start the MySQL service. After that it works fine. Try running the following in Terminal:
    [CODE]sudo service mysql stop
    sudo service mysql start[/CODE]

    If you go to the web interface after this, click next on the database schema update page, does it let you go on? If yes, then see my permanent fix for this solution [URL=‘’]here[/URL].

    Hope this works for you, let us know!

  • I’m assuming that I would be running those commands in the MySQL interface…

    But, how do I log into it remotely?
    I’m using Putty, and every time I try to run MySQL, it gives me Access Denied.

  • Senior Developer

    To check what value it currently displays:
    [code]SELECT vValue FROM schemaVersion;[/code]
    To set it to a more recent version: Probably 96
    [code]UPDATE schemaVersion SET vValue=‘96’;[/code]

  • I don’t understand how that would be possible. I upgraded it the exact same way that I did my main FOG server here.

    So, if somehow the version is set to 0, how do I fix it?

  • Senior Developer

    To me, it appears, that somebody has reset the schema version in the database table to 0.

  • Developer

    When installing fog did you input a password in for mysql?

    If so you will need to change that in a config.php file. I can’t remember the location off the top of my head.