GPT formatted disk legacy boot not supported

  • Hello,

    I upgraded Fog to 1.0.1 and and kept my old images from the previous version .32 or 3 I believe. The machines register fine but when I actually go to image them this is the error I get and it quits.

    The machines are HP 600 G1s with UEFI

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    The only way they could have had Fog working on a UEFI system with the UEFI stack would be if they did some intensive customization and replaced a lot of the kernel and boot structure of the Fog network boot. The other option is if there was some odd mix of UEFI and legacy boot set up, at which point you need to go back into the BIOS and re-specify the UEFI Windows Boot Loader after deploying an image.

  • [quote=“BPSTravis, post: 27117, member: 22444”]Enable legacy mode.[/quote]

    Ill pass it on, thanks

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    Enable legacy mode.

  • [quote=“need2, post: 27114, member: 21891”]How are you getting the Fog server to support UEFI boot?[/quote]

    My desktop guys were imaging these machines somehow. They asked me to update FOG to the new version for them. I havent done any desktop stuff in a long time, I guess I just assumed FOG was capable of doing it.

    Is there a work around to image these newer gen machines?

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    How are you getting the Fog server to support UEFI boot?