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    I am looking to deploy the Fog Service to Windows machines already running in our domain via a GPO and the Fog Service MSI. But I am having a hard time creating the MST that will tell the MSI what IP to use for the Fog server, and allow me to control the other options presented during a typical install. Anyone have anywhere for me to start?

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    Perhaps I miscommunicated a bit. Typically an MSI is deployed through a domain rather than an EXE. This allows the domain to control what is done with the installer a bit more, including the use of an MST. The MST is a transform file that feeds the MSI commands and/or fills in options that the MSI usually contains. By default all domain managed MSI installs are silent, so in addition to not wanting to rely on the end user to know what buttons to push on an installer, an MST is necessary for anything other than a completely default install. I COULD replace the .ini files, but I would have to do this with another script, and I don’t know of a way to do this that is smart enough to run once per install, but also run again later if the install is marked as damaged or is somehow removed.

    I’ve dug into the MSI a bit, and I have found a section under _Validation where I can modify a Table AppID with Column RemoteServerName. I will do some testing and report back.

  • On a 64bit machine the location is:
    [code]program files (x86)\fog\etc\config.ini[/code]

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    not sure if the installer supports entering the IP, but you could just install with default settings with [CODE]setup.exe fog-defaults=true /qb[/CODE] and over write the config file with your customized one. it’s located at [CODE]program files\fog\etc\config.ini[/CODE] on a 32bit machine