Info on fog server disaster recovery

  • hello, id like to make sure i know how to recover my fog server if some disaster happened, or how to properly migrate fog to a new server? any advice or docs i can take a look at?

  • Developer

    sudo mysqldump -u root --allow-keywords -x -v fog > fogbackup.sql

  • Can you tell me how to save my host list? Im guessing you do a MYSQL back up? But how do I di it?
    Any help would be great!

  • Developer

    As long as the server IP does not change(clients are all tied to a server ip when you install the FOG Client) all you need is the /images directory, and your images table from mysql.

    You may want to export your hosts list from time to time just to have a backup as it makes things easier if anything bad happens(just re-import the list and everything is back).

  • even with a migration, to say… a different server with a different name?

  • Moderator

    If you make backups of your Images folder (just copy paste, or compress a copy and then move it) and your database, then you have everything you really need.

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