• Tried to open Server Shell for the first time. Click on the X for installing a viewer and the end result was
    [COLOR=#ff0000]A serious error has occurred. Java.lang.Exception[/COLOR]

    Can’t find a way to flush this out.

    Any ideas?

  • Developer

    This is by far affecting more than FOG.

    Java has been doing a lot of updates recently and whenever you get the ignore and reload it will continue to block java. You need to go under the control panel and set a security exception for your FOG server’s IP.

    This feature was actually removed from the newer versions of FOG.

  • I had a similar problem about Java, using Chrome i noticed that it was 32 bits and i tried installing 64 bits, then cursing whole java for no reason at all, if they had shown earlier that i used 32bits chrome. I installed it, plugin warning came, i clicked right top and said that everything coming from xx.xx.xx (my fog server) was ok and accepted. Now i get an application error details, ignore and reload. Neither one will make it work. How about that!
    Don’t know what to do with that, i guess i just manually installed finally a working version of Java, and do not understand why fog’s webinterface would give this message. Anyone has an idea?? Welcome…

  • Moderator

    What browser are you using and what type/version of java are you using?