Browse to http://FOGSERVER/fog/client

  • Trying to install fog but it appears that this website does not exist. Is there an updated location to find this?

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    I normally append a sudo to every command that installs, or edits, you will usually need the root permissions to complete the actions properly.

    if you run a command and ti doesn’t work because you for got to sudo you can use what is called a Bang Bang to recall your last command and just put sudo in front of it.

    For example:
    ln -s var/www/fog /var/www/html/fog[/code]

    Would fail, you need root privileges to move things to that folder, or you have to be an owner of that folder.
    so to re run the command with the terminal still open you can either press the up arrow and scroll back to the beginning and type sudo, which sometimes is the best bet. Sometimes I make errors when my fingers get excited and type isntall 😛

    or you can use the BangBang
    sudo !![/code]

    There are others this is just easiest.

  • I think the issue may have been that it was not running as root. Ran it as sudo since I cant switch user to root. after doing that the install went fine. had to do the same thing to change the password for the sql server

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    [quote=“David Schneider, post: 25964, member: 23828”]and I can get to the web from the ubuntu machine[/quote]

    Just because you can ping the machine and the machine can get to the web, does not mean that FOG is set up and ready to run.

    I still believe that something did not install correctly or completely, the installer script should complete without any complications, there may be a minor listing saying that the script is skipping DHCP set up if you chose not to install the dhcp server, but that should be the ONLY error you receive.

    Apache2 is a web server, it is what hosts the web server portion of FOG. Such as the Web GUI where you can edit your hosts or your images or create image hosts, without Apache2, your server WILL NOT function correctly.

    SOMETHING in your network is preventing linux from being able to download the required files to complete the installation. It could be an ip address, it could be a setting on your nic, it could be some kind of authentication that is required to browse the network. We do not know your setup, but you need to make sure that the machine that you are using to install FOG on has a wide open, uninterrupted internet in order for the installation to succeed.

    PLEASE as per my recommendations. Use Ubuntu 13.10, Use FOG 0.33 start fresh, and install from the ground up.

    When I began in my environment we had NO way to authenticate machines that were not windows to our environment, I had to take my server to my house and install all of the requirements there then I was able to bring my machine back into my work environment.

  • and I can get to the web from the ubuntu machine

  • I can ping my pc that I am installing this on from another PC on the network

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    [quote=“David Schneider, post: 25960, member: 23828”]well when installing .33b it fails

    Checking package: apache2…Failed![/quote]

    check your internet connection.

    apache2 is supported, it is up-to-date it is a very common core of linux. I installed 0.33 earlier today without complications.

    Part of the installer script tells you “If the installation of any of these packages fail, check your internet connection”

  • well when installing .33b it fails

    Checking package: apache2…Failed!

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    Yeah what Jaymes Said!

    [S]Tom’s site is the main location for .33b[/S]

    [S]…and to keep you updated look for revisions and try this method to keep you in the loop[/S]

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  • where is the .33 download coming from? I only see .32 as a download from the website

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    [quote=“David Schneider, post: 25938, member: 23828”]And I am going to be using for .32.[/quote]

    0.33 is safe, its actually recommended because of how out of date the 0.32 installer script is.

    Both should work well for you, but if you have newer hardware with the new 4k advanced drives, FOG 0.33 already has that support.

    If you’re going to be installing 0.32 I would REALLY use an older revision of Ubuntu.

  • And I am going to be using for .32.

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    14.04 is too new, it is not supported at the moment, we do have a work around to get the web gui to show up by adding a symlink in the /var/www/html folder for the fog folder.

    My recommendation is to use 13.10 or something older… I still use 10.04 but to each his own… I loathe that unity crap.

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    Please try this [url]http://<server[/url] ip address>/fog/client

    where <server ip address> is the internal ip address of your fogserver.

  • [quote=“Jaymes Driver, post: 25914, member: 3582”]Which operating system did you install FOG on, and what version of FOG did you install?[/quote]

    I did install ubuntu 14.04 am now going back to 13.10, just in case 14.04 was too new.
    I am using the instructions from this link - [url][/url]

    When I got to step 4 I need to install for service but the link on there goes nowhere. Are there more updated instructions?

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    Which operating system did you install FOG on, and what version of FOG did you install?