• Sorry if I’m posting in the wrong thread, I’m completely new here. I attempted to update the FOG kernel as I was having issues imaging a Dell Lattitude E6440. Before the update when I went into PXE boot I had several options which included FOG, Acronis backup, etc. If I went into Fog I would get the normal fog items: register host & image, quick image etc.

    However, after the kernel update the PXE boot menu changed. Going into PXE boot goes straight to fog, however, I do not get options to image. System automatically boots from local disk. I want some advise on how to modify PXE boot menu so I have the option to go into Acronis and Fog, and after selecting PXE boot, having the options to image. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.


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    That “decryption” actually is the plaintext password.

  • I haven’t had much luck with this and haven’t been able to spend time to fully to play around with it, appreciate everyone’s help.

    Does anyone know how I can decrypt the password that’s listed in the FOG_TFTP_FTP_PASSWORD field in Fog web UI? Changing it to a different password and saving changes I get error connecting to tftp when trying to deploy image from the fog UI.



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    If you are using FOG 0.32 like you stated look in the tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/default file, you can edit it to point to your Acronis boot menu.

    That default file is loaded if no file matching the mac address is found.

  • I did not modify it. Initially it was done by someone else who left our company. I’m trying to find how I can modify it. The new screen came up after I attempted to update the kernel by logging into the fog management server.

    I need to be able to modify it so I can point the menu to FOG and Acronis.

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    I have never had an issue with that page, but I tend to use Tom’s kernels because they work on damn near everything. Here’s another question. How did you modify the PXE menu? Directly, or did you use the built in method in FOG Settings?

  • Kernel was updated by logging into FOG management server. I thought this would have been an easier way but I guess this is what screwed it up.



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    How did you update the kernel? Did you follow [URL=‘http://fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/FAQ’]these intructions[/URL] ?

  • Using Fog 0.32

    This is what I grabbed:

    Kernel - 3.8.8 Core
    FOG ID: 1051
    Date: April 24, 2013
    Version: 3.8.8
    FOG Type: Core

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    Are you using Fog 0.32 or Fog 0.33? Which kernel did you grab?