• I am a Software Developer who runs an extensive testing network that could really benefit from this technology. I began looking at this around a year ago and ran in to some trouble getting it setup and the imaging working, therefore, I left it at the time. Having seen a large number of changes being made in recent weeks, I am keen to start looking at this again. Do we have a date for the next official release? I am eager to get working on this but can’t really justify using a beta version in a production environment.

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    Do backup. Please. Just always do backups before you do such things.

  • I am going to give 0.33b a go in a test environment now. Installing on an Ubunutu 13.10 Server VM.

    Given the increasing use of this system within many organisations, perhaps it is time to trust a beta.

  • I have around 170 machines in my office, and I’m using 0.33b in production. The core functionality of FOG is sound. Really, the only tweaking that is taking place now, is mainly UI and a few “other things”… <—Insert Tom “programming jibberish” 😄

    I haven’t seen any changes being made that have compromised the usability of FOG for it’s intended purpose though.

    Hope that helps! 🙂

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    There is no ETA for the next release, you are welcome to load up the Fog 0.33b though as Tom keeps it up to date.

    Fog 0.33b is stable, it uses a new imaging solution to capture and deploy images, and it has been quite the upgrade.