Can't Have A Partition Outside the Disk

  • Any ideas about this error? I am pushing an image of a 300GB HDD to a 80GB HDD. The actual image is ~30GB.

    I have looked around, but I can’t seem to find anything. I’ve run the full wipe on the 80GB HDD hoping it would help.

  • It is a good idea to create master images on “tiny” drives and have either a script resize the final (or OOBE in windows do it). I always create my golden images in a VM with jsust enough HDD space to do what I want (I expand the drive if the image gets bigger). That way you can use whatever size final drive you like.

    You can always script extra partition creation too. I have a script that resizes and creates an extra partition and moves a folder into that partition for my W7 images. That way I can use smaller drives as appropriate.

  • Developer

    Ty9000, this is a common problem when imaging.

    I ALWAYS use a virtual set up with a ~30GB drive, (you can’t find anything smaller than that online unless you REALLY try, and with the price of drives today why would you pay the extra cash for a small drive?), this way I can expand the partition to fill up the rest of the disk space, and I know that I won’t run into issue putting the image on a smaller drive.

    I know this probably doesn’t help you much now, but in the future remember that you can take a smaller image to a large drive, but you can not take a larger image to a smaller disk regardless of how “big” fog thinks the image is.

  • Thank you for the information, though! 🙂

  • Gotcha! Sorry for coming off like an arse! I didn’t mean to. (My boss has been on my arse about this problem, so I thought it would be a little faster to ask… Sorry!)

  • Well,

    We don’t have any information.

    First and foremost this question has been answered about a million times in the past. I’m not going to argue on how to fix this issue for you.

    You now know it can’t be done, so don’t try to do it. If you want to place an image from a smaller drive to a larger drive, it’s good, larger to smaller, not possible.

    Resizable will work, only on Windows 7 systems DIRECTLY after they’ve been sysprepped. All the time on Windows XP.

    I’m done!

  • I tried that just now - failed. An error has occurred, red flags, etc.

  • Try Single-Part (Resizable)

  • Any way to psych it out and change the partition tables, ex post facto?

  • Because the partition tables being generated are larger than the disk you’re trying to put it onto.

  • Why not? Even though the actual image is ~30GB? (Sorry for being so difficult!)

  • That’s why!

    You’re probably trying a Multi-partition (Single Disk or All Disk) Non-resizable.

    You can’t take a partition table from a 300G drive and put it on an 80G drive.