• I am running .33b, just updated it. I have been able to upload an image from an older drive, and pull the image back down with no issues. With any newer advanced format drives I cannot get them to work. These are Optiplex 9020 machines and I have a bunch to deploy. I have spent days on this, so I know it is the drive causing an issue, it just is.


  • I am derailing this thread, I will start another.

  • “Can’t have partition outside of disk”

  • That very well could be.

  • You know what I bet it is? I am doing this in a test environment to see how multicast works. I am doing this current test in VM’s. Since the hard drive sizes are less, that would do it right?

  • In your database,

    Alter the field that deals with multicast in the tasktypes listing.

    The code would be:
    [code]UPDATE fog.taskTypes SET ttKernelArgs = ‘mc=yes type=down mode=debug’ WHERE taskTypes.ttID = 8;[/code]

    This will do multicast but in debug mode. From there, when it exits out you can probably look at the /var/log/partclone.log file to see what happened/or didn’t happen.

    So the Multicast parts are what’s failing, rather the means of getting the image is my guess.

    I’m going to go on a limb and think that the image filenames aren’t being found for some reason.

  • How can I tell “why” it is failing? The message on the computers pop up so fast, then reboot. I have no way of knowing what just happened.

  • Thank you reefcrazed. I thought this was fixed before that revision, but I could very well be wrong. Let me take a look, but can you – in the meantime – update to r1210 with:
    [code]svn update
    cd bin

  • I’m going to look into getting this bcd on the init.gz and interject it in it’s proper location from the init.gz before the image upload even starts. This way, theoretically, we’ll have a working single disk resizable even for non-sysprepped systems.

  • root@MOB-LIN02:/test/fog_0.33b# svn info
    Path: .
    URL: [url]https://svn.code.sf.net/p/freeghost/code/trunk[/url]
    Repository Root: [url]https://svn.code.sf.net/p/freeghost/code[/url]
    Repository UUID: 71f96598-fa45-0410-b640-bcd6f8691b32
    Revision: 1190
    Node Kind: directory
    Schedule: normal
    Last Changed Author: masterzune
    Last Changed Rev: 1190
    Last Changed Date: 2014-02-04 10:08:42 -0600 (Tue, 04 Feb 2014)

  • Developer

    partcat: my steps are if you wish to use single disk resizable, if you do not use a resizable option you do not need to take those extra steps

  • Now that you have a bootable system push that for the upload and everything should work.


  • Developer

    reefcrazed: if you installed by svn you navigate to the folder you downloaded it to and run “svn version”

    partcat: if you replace the system’s BCD file before you pull the image (use the copy attached to my earlier post), the system will boot. assuming you have all the drivers and it’s a relatively normal install. the BCD file is located on the hidden first partition that’s about 100 mb. you’ll most likely need to use a live boot disk to do the file replacement.
    replace the file, then pull the image. do not let the computer boot into windows between those two steps.

  • I fixed it by booting from the OS DVD then repair but this was a deployed image. What I want to know is what you guys did to get a successful image upload/download, you know BIOS SATA AHCI, RAID, etc. all the specs.

  • Tom, how exactly can you find the minor revision you are using? I cannot seem to locate it.

  • Developer

    yep, thats almost certainly the BCD

  • His error was:
    Status: 0xc000000e

  • Developer

    desktop. you said it “messed up the OS” what exactly did it do. were you getting BSOD screens on reboot? 0xc00000f or 0xc00000e specifically?

  • Can you guys post the BIOS settings, FOG version, Kernel Version, and Image Settings that you guys are using, I am still having issues and it will be very helpful. Also, I notice you refer to 9020 and I want to know if you refer to the 9020 desktop or the 9020 AIO?

  • Reefcrazed,

    What revision of FOG 0.33b are you using?

    I know of issues a while back, but I thought I fixed them all. Can you try updating to r1210 and see if you still have the multicast issues?