• I was wondering if anyone has a solution on how I can image this machine with FOG I have a USB nic(StarTech USB21000S2) but it doesn’t want to boot off the NIC. Startech says it is PXE bootable but starting to have my doubts more with motherboard than USB NIC. In the Bios the first boot device is Network than USB than Hard Drive. None of these seem to work it just boots into the hard drive. And of course this thing is so thin there is no NIC on the laptop. Any help would be appreciated.

  • This sounds like a hardware issue.

    I’m assuming you’ve enabled PXE Boot from the Network in the BIOS?

    If the USB NIC is disconnected, does the system (in bios) allow you to choose Network?

  • Developer

    Have you tried one of the Kitchen Sink Kernels? At this point you only need to add your nic drivers to your kernel.

    Tom normally stays on top of things he will probably have a fix for it by time I finish typing this message but if you are interested in trying to solve this yourself, this is a wonderful write up on including drivers in your custom kernel, I will dig up a link for you.

    Thanks to OIzzy for this great guide, [url]http://fogproject.org/forum/threads/request-for-kernel-compiling-info-please-read.4045/#post-12320[/url]