• I have a compiled executable created with AutoIT that will work without issue when run manually while logged on to any of my lab machines, but will never finish when it is deployed as a FOG snapin.

    fog.log says:
    [CODE] 1/31/2012 6:07 PM FOG::SnapinClient Starting FOG Snapin Download
    1/31/2012 6:08 PM FOG::SnapinClient Download complete.
    1/31/2012 6:08 PM FOG::SnapinClient Starting FOG Snapin Installation.[/CODE]
    but nothing else ever happens.

    After rebooting, this appears in the log:
    [CODE] 2/1/2012 11:27 AM FOG::SnapinClient FOG Snapin Installtion complete.
    2/1/2012 11:27 AM FOG::SnapinClient Installation returned with code: 0[/CODE]
    but the program has not been installed.

    For more info, the software being installed is 123DCatch from Autodesk, which is an MSI installer. I am running it within AutoIT using the ShellExecute command. As I said before the packaged AutoIT installer runs without issue when run manually on the machines, just not when deployed via FOG as a snapin.

    Any ideas? How can I trouble shoot this?

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    I’m having a similar problem, snapins that deploy and finish fine on windows XP are, well some install but then the task just stays there, and others don’t even deploy. But if I run the SFX manually it works fine. Hmm…

  • I have other snap-ins that make use of WinWaitActive that run without issues, so I’m not sure that is the problem.

  • Developer

    This will be the problem then mate, I’m pretty sure WinWaitActive only works when there is an active session as it’s interactive.

  • Yes, the install starts. The only way to “see” it is by logging on to the machine and checking the running processes and looking for msiexec.

    The MSI is copied locally using FileInstall() (it is bundled as a part of the compiled executable). So it would be run from wherever the FOG service places the snap-in when it is downloaded.

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    oh, sorry didn’t realise you were controlling the script with WinWaitActive… do you see the install start at all? where is the msi located?

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  • Thanks for the suggestion Lee, but as the script needs to interact with the installer, the wait functions can’t be used. The script makes use of the WinWaitActive commands to wait for the next window with installation choices then enters the appropriate choices. If I just ran the MSI with ShellExecuteWait or RunWait, it would not change any of the installation options.

  • Developer

    Hi bigjohn322,

    your problem maybe due to the fact the autoit script is exiting before the msi completes but because the autoit script is “complete” by running the msi close and send the exit code to FOG. try ShellExecuteWait, this will wait for the msi to complete and then close the autoit script. if not try to run the msi using runwait.

    Hope this help

  • No, like I said I am running it using the ShellExecute command within AutoIT. I know that I could do a default silent install using msiexec from within the snapin page, but that is not the point. What if there are non-command-line (non-switched) things that I want to change about the install?

    I guess what it probably boils down to is that the snapins are being run as the System user because the FOG service is installed and run as System. If I try to change the user that the service is run as, the service no longer connects to the FOG server. For the ShellExecute command in AutoIT to work properly I’m taking a wild guess by saying it might need a user profile loaded in order to function correctly?
    Just trying to understand why it would work logged in but not when deployed as a snapin. I’ve run into similar problems with non-MSI installers where they never finish unless it is run manually while logged in.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, please move it if there is a more appropriate place.

  • are you running the msi installer with the msiexec -i command from within your snapin page?