SOLVED Host registration fails

  • I just installed the current version of fog 0.33b that was released today to test it out. I was able to pxe boot into the fog menu. But when I select host registration it goes to a blinking cursor in the lower left corner and never goes past that.

    The affected computer is a Gateway E-4610D. I will be going back to fog 0.32.

  • Cody,

    I have to agree with falko.

    Try it again, but also verify that you don’t have selinux enabled on the system. I’m assuming you did the install with a fully fresh installation as well.

    Based on the information provided, however, it doesn’t even sound like it’s getting the download of the kernel which leads me to think it’s either a permissions issue, or a SELINUX issue.

  • Moderator

    give it another shot, also try a different kernel. maybe upload the one you were using in your fog .32 setup?

  • fresh

    I can give it another try if you want.

  • Did you do an upgrade to 0.33 or a fresh install?

  • After selecting perform full inventory I get a black screen and a blinking cursor. What other info do you need?

    0.32 works fine on these computers. I’ve done no additional configuration of a PXE file since that was not required in 0.32.

  • Can you, perhaps, give more information?

    Are you saying this never gets to asking you what your hostname is?

    Is your PXE file configured properly?

    Please try to provide more information. I can’t help you, especially if you just give it up.